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Both the Cricket and Mutant are adjustable but not on the fly.

The Mutant’s hst adjuster is locked down with additional screws when you are not using it (so it doesn’t move when you don’t want it to) but you need tools to adjust it, so probably not something I would do in the field with mine.

The Cricket’s HST adjuster is a screw type, so not tool-less as it comes but you can buy hand-turn metal adjusters to replace the cheap plastic screw it comes with. I got mine off eBay when the plastic screw stripped.

I probably wouldn’t adjust my Cricket’s HST on the fly either though. I set it up for a specific pellet using a chronograph and a target. If I adjusted the power, it would change the POI and I would have to re-zero 

To do it on the fly, you would ideally want an FX-style fixed position adjuster with repeatable settings (like high, medium and low). I could partially achieve that on my Cricket by marking a few settings on the stock but I doubt I could do it with any precision without a chronograph. It doesn’t have any indentations like a Sumatra / Career 707 power wheel so the position would be an approximation.

The adjuster on my Career 707’s turns with defined clicks like a scope turret. It’s a different animal though. I use the Career power wheel like a manual regulator because they have such a large extreme spread if you leave it on one setting for a whole string. I start at orange (medium power) and move it up a click every few shots to keep power as consistent as I can.