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It is not regulated but has a fairly large gentle slope in the power curve. I haven’t found a regulator for it online
The bulldog likes very soft bullets.
Believe it or not for plinking round balls do fairly well around 3 to 4 inch groups at 50 yards
The crossman nosslers are a good hunting choice and I am testing some other heavier bullets for PCPHUNTER, a manufacturer and custom bullet caster that are looking very promising, weather hasn’t been very good with high winds and rain so I haven’t been able to get some good range time in.
I’m going to say this and it may offend some, it is not meant to be a snide remark or conisending one but it’s the way I feel.
The bulldog is not a target gun it’s a big bore hunting tool, yes there are some mods and some tuning that can be done to improve shot count and make it a fair paper puncher. But that isn’t what I really look for in a hunting rifle.
I am looking to use this size of rifle for small Hogs yotes, bobcat and so on, a boiler plate shot for such an animal is 3 to 5 inches respectively. The bulldog will give you groups of five shots at the top-end of the power curve less than that and two shot groups even tighter.
To be fair to the category you can’t pick up a big bore Airgun and expect it to shoot like a small bore target and small game gun, they are designed with two completely different goals in mind…
To my way of thinking at least I don’t want a regulated big bore, I want that gun to push the envelope in power vs accuracy so that when that bullet hits a live animal it is going to penetrate a chest cavity and do maximum damage to heart and lungs, or in a head shot situation punch with enough force to reach the off switch on an animal with a 1/4 inch thick skull plate.
Most truly big bore air rifles have a two to three high power small group shots. The trick is to find the peak performance and accuracy for each of your chosen grain weight and shape and select the right type of bullet to use from those tests for what ever type of hunting you are going to do.
While a little big for the task the bulldog is accurate enough for squirrel since even a body shot would be lethal (I am talking hunting in the country completely away from any residents n population) but where this gun excels is coon to coyote size animals. Any boilerplate shot will be lethal and it will give you about 5 full power shots to do it with.
I am sorry if this sounds offensive, I have nothing against small bore Airguns and like to get out and just plink as much as anyone, but some of the animals I like to hunt can fight back so when I hit it I want it to stay hit.