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LOL…..the Hawke weight listing of 395 grams is obviously a “typo” since that is only about 14 ounces.

I recently took delivery of a 4-12×50 Hawke AirMax and the gram to ounce conversion is correct…….

$1000ish bucks, WOW, my lower end Hawke cost under $200 delivered to the door after some discounts! For my purpose the Hawke I have is pretty good, however I’m not too picky as long as I can see .177 cal pellet holes in the target at 50 yards and the image snaps in and out of focus crisply when turning the AO.

Concerning the QC issues…….I had issues with a couple previous Hawke scopes where an early 3-12×40 Hawke AirMax would shift the poi simply by focusing and a 3-12×40 Hawke Panorama would only focus sharply down to 12 yards at 12x even when there was a 10 yard etching on the AO. Hawke does have excellent customer service, LOL, perhaps because they get a lot of practice. I do see a lot of the higher end Hawke scope at field target matches sitting on high end guns so I’m guessing they perform well for some.