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I used to have quite a few PCPs all were mainly Benjamin’s, like Mrods and discos and a maximus. My problem was I seemed to have them apart more tinkering than I ever did shoot them. So whatever free time I had I wasn’t shooting but tinkering and that’s not what I wanted to do anymore. Decided to have one PCP each in .177, .22, .25 and maybe a .30. So most got sold and had a .177 BSA R10, a .22 mutant standard, my .25 regulated Mrod and then a Bwalton tuned BT65 .30. All shot very well and extremely accurate but still just was too much. All were sold but the Mrod. Now I only have the Mrod and a RAW .30 PCP rifle wise. The Mrod is for sale and ordered another RAW in .25. PCP I decided quality over quantity. I have also gotten back into springers and started pistols. However went cheaper on them all. Got a full tuned XS46U in .177 from Flying Dragon, a Beeman P17 both open sight, deadly accurate and fun to shoot and today should be getting my PP700S-A in .177 which will be my last gun. So after having owned more than 10 at one time have decided just way too much for me and am now down to 5 and I’m done!