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I agree, that caution should always be exercised when using any tank.  But the reason for my question is that I am not aware of a max time limit, like the scba tanks.

Five year hydro tests, should insure you are using a safe tank. Naturally, a visual, and checking the valve for proper operation etc.

I just had my two steel Faber tanks hydroed, i bought these tanks new 5 years ago, and have been using them to fill my guns, they have never been in the water.

I brought them to the facility that hydros them, and 21 dollars each, 3 day turn around.

One is an 80, the other is a 117 cu ft tank, both are rated at 3442 psi, i fill them to 3200 and use a cascade system with them.

If buying a used tank, it is good to know the history, if possible, and a current hydro would be my requirement.