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I counted up the pellets that I have shot over the chrony and into the backstop – and I am over 3k at this point.  I have been shooting more than I had thought and the stock barrel was in need of a cleaning as is was now acting funny, too..  While I was giving it the the old Goo Gone treatment, I took the fancy barrel out and cleaned it with a vengeance, too.  There was nowhere as much gunk in the aftermarket barrel, but there was some…  (light bulb #1)

I took my time and gave it a good thinking.  I put the fancy barrel on, and the LDC. Shot a few – and the pellets were nearly out of the scope FOV at 30 yards. (Light bulb #2) Hmmm, I yanked the LDC off – and what do you know?  I was only about 1 dot each up and right from POA and for as much as I have been chasing POI, that was very welcome.  For now, I am shooting the aftermarket barrel w/o the LDC.  I am seeing some light at the end of the barrel.  While not as tight of group as I want, I am seeing three of eight pellets in the same hole using sub optimal pellets.  

I am not the happiest that the LDC is causing problems – as I really like the phhhft! sound rather than the pop! sound, and I don’t want to waste the cash that I laid out for the LDC – but right now I want to have the accuracy back.  It’s getting there.

Thanks to all who have made suggestions