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“cpt_sfc”Get one’ RL Airguns has em as well as others. Mine will shoot MOA chipmunk head at 50 yds. FPS is 975 
 FPS and I get about 2 mags at a SD of about 7-9 FPS per shot. Then it drops like a rock, but I have a heavy spring in it.. Just bought my 2nd JK han a MaJisty. .25  Light ,easy to carry, no mod though loud , not yard friendly, I live in woods so no matter. Very easy rifle to use in woods/brush. I have shot about 2 doz mice at 50 yds with bull pup when they are in feeder , IF I MISS it is my fault.

Get a lighter hammer spring,and you’ll be greatly surprised on how the muzzle report drop to back yard friendly AND your shot count will go up .
975 fps is too hot .
Mine ,out of the box was shooting 985 fps ,in .25 cal for 54 FPE.
Now,with a lighter hammer spring is the 850’s fps