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My .25 cal Condor SS is the YinYang of airguns; extremely accurate, hole on hole up to 30 yards with one flier out of 10 (always). At 50 its well within 1.5 inches with that pesky flier outlying somewhere. At close range, 7 yards in, its important to know the mill dot holdover required because the scope has to be mounted quite high on the rail for proper cheek weld and eye relief. However, its a great shooter at 75 too 100 yards with a  heavy pellet behaving predictably, even in wind. Lightweight, easy to shoulder, but best off my bipod. Aluminum frame is adaptable with the top and bottom rail, which makes you want to load it up with accessories. But the aluminum rail is soft and a bit fragile. Make sure everything fits well the first time and remains tight!. It infinitely adjustable but not, as spring tension and friction continuously effect power and accuracy. Its one of the hardest hitting airguns on the market and well priced. Definitely take it hog hunting but am constantly reminded that the single shot action requires on shot one kill (something we should all be doing anyway).

Your review was thorough and well done, and the pellets you tested were a good representation of FPS, KE, and expected accuracy for my experience with the Condor SS. Oh, one more thin regarding sound… it really is backyard friendly!

My guess 634