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Okay, even though I have another snafu with the Crosman 160, I got some chronograph numbers on the Striker 1000x .22 yesterday with three different pellets. Here’s the numbers from 6 shots in each group in FPS;
Crosman PHP, 14.3gr    RWS Superpoint Extra, 14.5gr    H&N Baracuda Green (domed point), 12.65gr
766                                 694                                              864
753                                 689                                              870
745                                 719                                              867
739                                 692                                              865
736                                 700                                              865
732                                 703                                              869
Average velocity of six shots-
​745.16FPS                     699.5FPS                                    866.67FPS
​It seems to me that Hatsan had to have used about a 13gr pellet to get the advertised 800FPS? After using the CPHP’s at the range on the shown target, it’ll be interesting to see how the Baracuda greens do? They certainly are very consistent by the velocities I got. I also weighed the rifles recently in a new Youtube video. It actually weighs 8lbs, 6.95ozs.