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I couldn’t find one off the shelf with the LR duplex and AO. I could only find the non-AO version with LR duplex. Have you found a store that has one?

I have seen the next model up with LR duplex and AO (the 4-12×40) and it focuses down to 25 yards which is good enough. You can still aim closer than 25 yards on 4-6x.

The thing is with Leupold, they wouldn’t need to create whole new scopes to make airgunners happy. They already have models with the features we like. They just need to fix the focus range. Even if I hardly ever used it, I would want the ability to focus closer than 75 or 50 yards on any scope I bought for any type of gun. 

We just need a few of their side focus models in 3-18 and 6-20 to focus down to 10 yards and we’re good. A quality 3-18 or 6-20 should cover most air gun needs apart from field target ranging. 

I’d like their mk4 line to be an option for us.