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Thanks for the review. This scope would be ideal on my new to me (thanks @puertorico) .22 Brocock Contour G6 for an ultralightweight pesting and hunting rifle. The BSA 4-16X40AO Mil-Dot I have on there now is meh and weighs ~20oz.

The Brocock tips the scales at a mere 4.8lbs, so mounted the Leupold (8.8oz!!!) would keep it under 6lbs total!! I definitely prefer the clarity and brightness of quality glass and the Leupold is in a different league compared to my 2 Hawke Sidewinders. Don’t get me wrong, the Hawkes are great scopes for the $.

Anyone have the LR Duplex reticle? Looks ideal for my uses, plus it’s in Strelok ;).