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“Ishkatan”I am a bit confused – I thought air guns had a regulator so it did not matter how much air you have in the tank/bottle.  As long as your gauge is in the green it should shoot with the same pressure behind the pellet.

Are these rifled?

I’m also wondering if you could use a really heavy pellet / bullet… like take a .22 bullet fired at high power…  ?


Some have regulators and some don’t.

Try to picture all of that air pressure holding a spring valve shut.  When your bottle is full of air, the hammer striking the valve opens it very little due to all the air pressure holding it shut.  As you shoot the gun down and the bottle drains towards half pressure, there is much less force on the valve holding it shut so when the hammer strikes it, it actually stays open longer, lets more air through, and increases velocity.  Then as the bottle runs out of air, it looses its ability to force air past the valve and once again velocity drops off.  This is where the shot “curve” comes from as shared in most of my vids.  Most  guys will experiment to find the sweet spot at the top of the curve where power is at it’s highest and shot to shot consistency is at its tightest.  Rarely do these sweet spots coincide with any colored markings on a pressure gauge.

A regulator flattens and elongates this curve at the expense of some power.  It also adds cost and can be one more thing to go keep in adjustment & go wrong.