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“AZBOBCAT”If you like the 9mm carbine with short barrel get a pistol version with a pistol brace stock. They can be used like a stock if needed

A firearm instructor recently warned me about this exact thing. Turns out the BATF has been slapping HUGE fines on people they catch using their “pistols” like an SBR at the range. I want to stay on the up & up.

I’m an 07/02 FFL with a BATFE agent on speed dial..I would wager a large amount of money that is bullshit. I hear that from lots of internet conspiracy types.  We Manufacture  SBR, SBS, AOW and suppressors.  If you are worried about pass through plenty of 9mm fragile ammo available  and also 223 5.56 the higher velocity rifle round is extremely effective.  Also in a home defense situation you are likely shooting inside 10”  I find distances like that much easier with a handgun. If you are staying in place in one room and not moving  a carbine would be nice rested on some cover.