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So thanks for the input everyone. To all those saying 1 more I hear that! However, I suppose I’m wondering at what # do most go unused? It seems that I have my 3 go to airguns. For pistol it’s my Crosman 1322 farthest kill with that was a blue jay or scrub jay at a whopping 63 yards with a laser range finder. The drop was huge but it died a foot from where it was shot. Yes, I can also admit it was a lucky shot and the pistol was rested on deck railing but it was a solid hit so in my book it counts! Next is my break barrel benjamin steel eagle also a .22 cal. So darn quiet and accurate it’s stupid! My pic shows a 5 shot group at 35 yards! It loves the Crosman piranhas but I do wash and lube them. Biggest kill was a nuisance yote from 20 yards. Fail safe heart/double lung made it 100-120 yards and piled up. More coons and ground squirrels than I can count. Lastly the pcp .25 Hatsan BT65 Elite qe only had it a couple months. I’ve put about 1000 downrange but no kills yet. I do only have a hand pump lol Want to put a regulator in it and that’s it. I can shoot and hit targets at 125 yards with it but not completely consistently wroth it being stock and unregulated. I’m going to get a big bore for certain. But past that I’m wondering how many I’d use. I have several more that I pull out to shoot a few times a year… I LOVE my main 3 and use them almost every day.