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My Impact 25 has been shooting great groups at 75-100 yards if I do my part. Today I put it through the crony and all maxed out it was getting 830. Reg was reading 125-130. Opened it up one flat and that brought the gauge up to approx 140 and my speed up to 855. Can’t distinguish that it made my groups any better though. Still shoots about 1 in at 75 and 1 1/2 at 100 if conditions are perfect and I’m having a good day. Thing I noticed was now there is vary little change in fps between 5-max-A. Started checking to see where the most constant string was, but ran out of time. It’s got me to wondering why there is so little change in fps now between 5-max -A.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance. Problem with the Impacr is it’s a pellet hog. Tin of 300 doesn’t last long.