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I’ve shot a .30 cal Jager. Balance on the rifle, is spot on, as it’s super light, 7-8 lbs scoped. You have to adjust the hammer spring down some as their running hot, 950-1000 fps out of the box with 44.75 gr jsb’s. Quiet, is a under statement. Accurate, once you detune her to around 890’s, she’s a tack driving machine. 150 yard tack driver if you can do your part on 2″ spinners. Fit and finish is on par with daystate as far as the beautiful wood stock on the rifle and, no, it’s not as fragile as you put it. You wouldn’t want to beat it up to begin with as the wood is that beautiful. I’ll post more when mine arrives Wednesday and I get a chance to really have more hands on. If my friend hadn’t took the plunge and bought one and I hadn’t shot it, I’d be like everyone else in this thread and worried about spending $1300 on a air rifle with little English reviews and talk about.