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Just about everything in the speed shoot is opposite from what you would do in a benchrest match. I think that what makes it so much fun. 

A 19 FPE .177 with 10 gr pellets will knock down the rams, but those pellets are too small for my fumble fingers. I have single loaded a .25 Marauder, and while the pellets are easier to handle, the cut out for the magazine is about the minimum width for quick loading. The .22 Marauder magazine cut out is too small for me for single loading, but that is me.  

At the 2013 there was a springer class. Only two people entered. They didn’t have to shoot the rams, so they had 12 targets to knock over. They shot from adjoining benches. One used a FWB 124 and the other a R-1. I think the winning time was very close to the winning PCP time.

 At ERB each shooter gets three runs. You can use use the first run to check your sights and the wind. After that you ride hell for leather and devil take the hindmost.