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Would LOVE to have this as my first PCP! – Have only a year or so experience with a precision air rifle and wished I had found this sport many years ago. I really enjoy the accuracy of these guns, and that I can enjoy shooting any day I wish just stepping out to the back yard. My pride and joy is the Beeman R7 spring piston. It is a low powered .177, but more than enough to give great grouping within the 80 foot range I have set up. And have brought down pesky pigeons with good kill shots out to 50 yards. I shoot a fairly heavy pellet for great accuracy! Slow ‘fps’, but still good ‘fpe’ for small game. Have spent a fair amount on different pellets, but that hunt for the most accurate is part of the fun and enjoyment. Being an old Veteran living on Social Security puts a limit on spending, so punching paper with pellets is a very cheap way to a lot of enjoyment for me.
 – Many Thanks to you Steve, and several others out there who take the time to put out these great ,informative video’s