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In Arizona for any of the game mentioned a .22 caliber or larger air rifle is required. As for the license fees it is a little funny. You can purchase a non- res. hunting / fishing combo $160.00 good for a year or short term hunt / fish combo for $20/day. There are no special tags required for fox / Coyote or Bobcat. There are legal seasons for fox and bobcat. Coyotes are legal year round. Bobcat and fox season is from August 1st though March 31st. Check on bag limits for specific areas in the state where you would plan on hunting. You can also hunt for mountain lion year round in Arizona. There are bag limits for certain areas. You are also required to use an air rifle in .35 caliber or larger. You are required to buy a $15.00 non permit tag for lions and any harvest is required to be reported within 48 hours to state fish and game officials. No spotted kittens or females with spotted kittens can be taken. That’s the basic information. However you would be wise to check for any further regulations for any specific are you plan on hunting. You can contact the Indian reservations directly for any requirements for hunting on any reservation. Their fees and regulations are completely separate from those of the rest of the state.