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I think that’s the key point – your shooting needs. I’ve come to believe that there is no “best” scope. Just one that is best for the specific person and task.

I think that Leupold 3-9 efr is one of the best short range hunting air gun scopes for a bunch of reasons but mostly because it gives you a clear sight picture with the least amount of weight added (that I know of). It really spoils my enjoyment of a walk in the woods if my air rifle and scope combo is too heavy for comfort. 

I use a Clearidge 3-9 on my Mutant Shorty and it’s a similar weight to this Leupold. It’s a real pleasure to carry something so light on those trips.

The only thing with the Leupold 3-9 efr, even though it’s the best scope in it’s category (lightweight hunting scopes), is that they charge an extra $160 for a mil dot reticle which takes the price closer to $600. 

Is a Leupold 3-9 efr mil dot the best airgun scope you could buy for $600? It probably is if weight and size are a factor. If not, there are a few others to consider too for that kind of money. The SFP version of the SWFA 3-15×42, for example. That sells for $600.