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“blackdiesel”I don’t know where you read they are not accurate.  I have 4 and can say without doubt they are some of the most accurate guns on the market bar none.  The power wheel have stops and are not free turning.  I have had a few undersized crosman pellets fall out of the magazine but that’s all.  How many guns you know will shoot 7 different pellets of different weight and all group well at 50 yards?  Before this he shot a 100 yard group on full power 1225 fps with Benjamin domes and all 5 pellets were touching and plinking bottles at 153 yards so if this is not accurate I don’t know what is considered accurate.

Thanks for the video, blackdiesel. I guess the guy whose experience I read must’ve gotten a bad one. Domes supersonic and shooting touching groups at 1225 fps and 153 yards? Wow. How hard is the low power shooting? In the field, the power setting doesn’t need to be tweaked that much. I’d set it to a highish power that’s still accurate, maybe 25-30 FPE in .22. But for the basement and backyard shooting, I’d like to REALLY be able to dial it down, and I get the impression the Sumatras are cannons. I think I saw in one of his (your?) videos that low power was still around 900 fps in .25. That’s too hot for my basement or back yard. Something that went from 6 FPE to 35 or so would be ideal, and the Air Arms seems pretty close to that. (I’d “settle” for 10 FPE, call me a wimp.. :D )