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I think a lot depends of the way you use your air gun. For someone who uses it for a weekly hunting trip and only ever fires two or three shots  at a time, pumping is no big deal. It’s just a few pumps to top it off here and there if it’s a 22 cal (or smaller). 

If you like to shoot a lot like me, or use 25 cal guns and above, then pumping is a real PITA. I doubt I’d want to stop shooting at the range to pump for 20 minutes after every 3-5 mags again. 

I stopped pumping because I found a place that sold used 4500 psi SCBA tanks with fresh hydros and my first fill included for less than I paid for my hand pump. That included me pricing in the fill adapters fittings too. 

If I had to pump again for some reason, I would choose something that gave me a lot of shots from a small air reservoir. Something like a Marauder is relatively quick to pump but it doesn’t get that many shots per fill, so you have to pump too often for my liking. 

I would probably choose my Mutant Shorty out of all my air guns. I’m getting 48 shots from a tiny reservoir. My Ataman gets 15-20 shots from a similar size air supply for less than a 4fpe difference in power. I would probably want to turn the power down more to get even more shots.