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Had to order High scope ring for my Hawk 6.5 – 20 x 42. taking mesherment from my friends Med ring would bin to close. My FX Streamline gives me 44 good shots and somewere  in the 5th Mag is started falling off. My fill was 220 bar and a tad below 150 bar where the shots started falling off. From now on 4 mags only.  . Mistaken entry my last post had 50m 1/4, corect 50m 1/2″ group now and 75′ it kills flyes every time? Only problem I have is installing Mag”s? Not as easy as any other gun’s I have had. Has anyone had the same problem? WOW still Best .22 I have ever hade.  Now with 1.83 lbs scope a hair under 8 lbs, it is heve enough for me. Very accurate with this waite. Rich G