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I’m not sure you guys are getting the point of the comparison. (No offence intended)
I don’t have a pump but I do have a Drager Carbon Fiber and a guppy carbon fiber.
When I want to shoot some long streams with my bulldog or air thirsty Texan I will fill the guppy to 3000 psi and leave it tethered to the gun and open giving the gun an extra large tank to pull from. The big Drager is filled to 4500 and I will use it to top the guppy back to 3000 psi as needed.
The result is I can set up and even with the Texan get a lot of shots down range without stopping for a refill I get to shoot within my power curve peaks more and learn more about that power curve.
Yes the larger tank would take longer to refill but if you are shooting only on the weekend then you can break the fill times into manageable sections throughout the weekday and not overheat the pump. The result would be that when he has the time to get away to shoot he would be shooting and not spending time with refilling a tank in the middle of the shooting time. Furthermore he would be getting more shots out of his peak power curve.
Sounds like a win win to me.