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Inherited nearly fifty of them from an uncle who went on a buying spree in his twilight years. My aunt asked that I take them, for which I give her an annuity equal to their blue book value. Some she asked me not part with. That was 5 years ago and they’re nearly all paid for at this point. Prior to acquiring them I owned roughly a dozen. After bringing uncle Joe’s lot home I found several to add, and sold a few less. I have a rollaway tool chest to store many of the pistols, project guns and peripherals. The rest are in two budget gun cabinets and a dedicated closet each with goldenrod air dryers.

The two I shoot most varies on my habitat. The two I cherish most are my HW55T and FWB 103. The pistols I shoot the most are a S&W 78G and a rebarreled Webley Alecto. The rifles I shoot most are a Beeman RX2 .177 and FX Impact .25.

The two I would likely cling to over all others in a rural setting are my Beeman SLR-98 .22, and Walther LGV .177.