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Welcome, Old20cal!
I got into airguns by sneaking my first bb gun past my parents. I got it from a buddy-it had been in a bike wreck and the barrel had been bent and straightened. You had to hold the pump arm against the receiver or it would uncock itself. I got to where I could hit just about anything with it till it finally died. It looked just like a Remington Fieldmaster .22. I still kind of feel like I’m getting away with something when I take to the woods with an airgun, lol!
Here’s a really cool old Crosman I had for a while-

Then I got serious with this HW55-

Got this one from a buddy who rescued it from a dumpster-

This one really showed me what a good springer can do-

Got bit by the PCP bug with this one-

Took one look at the stock and had to have this one-

I’ve been at this since the ’80s-trying not to go down the rabbit hole of super high end stuff as I’m a working artist who doesn’t make tons of cash.