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This afternoon, for the most part was a good day for shooting, very lite wind, maybe 5 knots, mostly calm.  I shot 3 groups of 8, JSB 25’s, 50 yards, from my bench, with my Armada, 2 were all covered by a dime, the 3rd group would have taken a 12 cent piece, and this was in the center of the target.  I had to aim about a half mil dot above the center.  The hardest part of this was, using the 25 meter target, my Center Point scope lines are so thin (clear ) but they blend into the lines on the target.   The Marauder Armada is a very accurate gun.

Then I shot my Marauder .22, Crosman 14.3’s.  I approached it the same way, starting at 35 yards, 40, 45 and then 50 yards.  This gun (gen 1) i’ve had since 2010, is pretty accurate as well.

Grouped great at all yardages, even at 45 yards the group (10 pellets) could be covered by a dime, except one small flyer, or most likely me.  But the best I could do at 50 yards was a quarter group. Several thru the same hole.  Again I had to aim about a half Mil Dot high to hit the center of the target.

That last 5 yards definitely made a difference in my group with the 22.

But overall I am happy.  As long as the guns are this accurate, and i can hit the center of a 50 yard target or real close to it and hit objects, beer or soda cans out up to about 75 yards i am pleased.

Since this and my indoor basement, 20 yard range is my shooting profile i just can’t justify getting a real expensive gun, these Crosman’s are good guns.

Maybe if i was 20 years younger, lol.