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“Sam63”Thanks for the info Percula. The side wheel is a royal pain to install on Sidewinders. I ripped 2 of those heavy duty gaskets. Just ordered a side wheel from Rowan Engineering for a Sidewinder I will let you know how it works out.

After posting the question another buddy I shot FT with said he wasnt happy with the range finding on 12x after 40 – 45 yards with the Sidewinder ED 10 – 50 x60. He sent it in for repair.

Can you share your new method for installing the side wheel?

Its not my method, they changed the way the wheel goes on. On my 8-23×56 its got that thick rubber ring with the slots that slides over the IR wheel and on to the focus wheel then you tighten it up with a couple of small allen screws.

On the 10-50×60 you remove a cover that has a pattern of holes that the hub of the wheel drops into and then is secured in place. No more of that rubber ring slipping and sliding messing up your indexing. It’s in a fixed position on the 10-50×60, no slipping and sliding around.