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I like the resettable ones like you mentioned where you shoot the KZ out then shoot the low paddle to reset it BUT, I really like these steel eggs that I bought a couple years back.  They are approximately 2.25″ high and 1.5″ wide shaped just like a chicken egg and each one has its own base welded to it so it stands on its own.  It’s a hassle to set and reset them up once shot over but I absolutely love the sound of the pellet hitting them and watching them jump!  I set them up on a 4×4 laying on its side in the grass and stand them on that.  I also like to push golf tees in the ground in front of the 4×4 and put a paintball on each one.  I got the 4x4s out of a fencing company’s “free wood” pile so no expense or worry about shooting up good wood.  I will refresh the paint on the eggs once or twice a year by first, spraying them white then spray them with fluorescent orange.  It makes them easy to see with any type of sights and easy to find in the lawn/grass.  The ones I have are 1/4″ thick steel.  I asked if they could use 1/4″ and it was no problem.

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