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“balllistic”Travis from WAR is going to offer tuned Kral Puncher Breaker Silent bullpups that he goes through to ensure no mechanical problems & makes more backyard friendly for a modest fee. It has a rheostat style power adjuster and the hammer spring can be adjusted as well. He’ll also be offering a “power tune” for higher power with heavier pellets.

Initial reviews of the Krals are not good. If they’re tuned well, I guess that won’t matter. We’ll see. I’ll let you guys be the guinea pigs, hehehe.

(gee, I’m really missing a multi-quote feature here….)

ddransoml – Great idea! I had not thought of an AA TDR. If the deal on the S510 falls through, I’ll look into that.

BenSeager – I’m sure the Streamline is nice, but to me, $1k is too much for a synthetic-stocked rifle. I thought they were a few hundred less? For that kind of money, I’d rather have some nice wood on a Daystate Huntsman Classic or an Air Arms.

jking – Yes, I’m going to put a used Regal Huntsman Classic on my list if the S510 falls through. LOVE the looks of this gun, and I’ve shot DOUGER’s XL. Wonderful trigger, wood and accuracy. Only downside is that it needs an external moderator to be quiet.

Deja – If I’m going Turkish, I think it’d have to be tuned by Baxter Walton.

Blackdiesel – I read up on Sumatras awhile ago. I don’t think they’re all that accurate, and I read that the pellets fall out of the clips. Also, the power wheel reportedly turns itself, which is sub-optimal. But I DO like the lever action!

aa_limited – I’m really cranked up about this S510 deal. 10 FPE is a reasonable low power level. How many shots will I get at 10 FPE? I guess it is nice & quiet at that level too? 42FPE in .22 is REALLY moving… Is it still accurate at that power level? I didn’t remember that Regals had externally adjustable power levels. The only thing I didn’t like about the Regal was that it was kind of hard to cock that hammer spring, compared to other high-end PCPs.