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I have a Compatto and I had a Marauder, which I left on the factory tune. 

The Marauder wasn’t bad to fill from 1900 to 2500 psi. 60 pumps or so.

The Compatto is about the same. It’s got a smaller tube, but it needs 3100-3200 psi. 65 pumps or so, and the last ones are pretty stiff. I’m 5’8″ tall, 170 lbs. I do that in two pumping sessions; as I need a break after 30-40. I’m in OK shape. I’m not an athlete, but not a fatass either.

The Bantam is going to be NOTABLY harder to pump. Whether you’re going from empty to full or partly discharged to top off, it’s a lot more pumping. After about 60 pumps, the pump gets hot, so even if you’re in excellent shape, the PUMP will need breaks to stay cool, so you don’t damage it.

Also, the Bantam is ugly, whereas the Compatto is more …. neutral.  I don’t exactly call it great looking, but the way it fits the body is unrivaled, in my opinion.

I get about 80 shots to a fill on low power, at 12.5 FPE on my .177, and that’s enough power for pests up to squirrel size out to probably 30 yards. Oh, my pump is a Hill also, Mk. III, I think, from about 5 years ago, so it should be apples to apples with yours.