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I already have a Hill pump, which I use to fill my prod. I’m 33, 5’11”, weigh 195lbs, and I’m in decent shape. I don’t find it difficult at all to fill the prod since it has such a small air cylinder. I’m just thinking for my next pcp it would be nice to have something that can go through a modest shooting session without needing a refill, but I don’t need hundreds of shots per fill, so I wouldn’t have to fill a large bottle all the way up to 3k… and if my logic is correct, it would actually be easier with the big bottle since I am using the lower end of the pressure curve.

I agree on the points of efficiency… if I get a Compatto or Bantam, most of my shooting would be done on the low power setting in order to increase my shot/pump ratio. An Air Wolf would be nice, but I don’t think it is in the cards for me financially. I understand that the Bantam would be harder to fill to max pressure… what I’m saying is that I think there are benefits that a large air reservoir can offer us hand pumpers that get overlooked because most people only focus on the daunting task of trying to squeeze every last cc of air into that big ole bottle.