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 That’s an awesome looking shroud. I have a 9 mm Cricket with the stock shroud, and WOW is what I think every shot. 
Your shroud must work good. Because I shot mine without the stock one a couple times. Not that much difference. 
But, I’m spoiled with my .25 Cricket with an LDC add on that’s extremely quiet. (Hear the H.S. twang every shot.) 
Recently had my .25 fall and brake the LDC. I only shot 3 mag’s. one day with the stock shroud.
My wife was in the house bitching about the noise the whole time.  
​Just way too loud to want to shoot it stock for me. Rebuilt the LDC that day. 
cheezstake— Hows your groups?
Mine doesn’t like the H&N’s. Even resized some, (.356) for a small improvement.
The .35 JSB pellet might be a better choice. I’ve thought about trying them.