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Running in the mid 700’s to a little over 800 depending on hammer spring installed.

I won’t even bother to measure the groups, they are so bad.  At 25 yards, a golf ball would not cover a 5 shot group.  At 25 feet in my shop, a quarter will cover 5 shots.  That is with a scope taken off the Marauder .25 when I changed the Marauder scope to higher power.  The scope on the Marauder did very well.  I just went from a 3-12x AO scope to a 4-16x AO scope on the Marauder.  I have two 2240’s and a Crosman Mark 1 with open sights and shooting over a rest in the shop that will out shoot the Discovery with the scope.

Everything I have tried has convinced me the Discovery barrel is trash.  One .22 Superdome pellet just fell through the length of the barrel by it’s own weight.  A check with 6 to 8 other pellets, they will slide through the length of the barrel by just the weight of the cleaning rod if the barrel is held vertically.

I’ve tried two barrel bands, three barrel bands with one of them inletted into the stock just past the air gauge, front sight installed, front sight off, TKO installed, TKO off.  Just running out of ideas.  I even considered buying a .177 barrel to replace the .22 barrel. I just really prefer .22s over .177s.