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I think you could ask Ernest. Just FYI hammer adjusters are different from first run impacts to second run. (first run has 3 lines, second run has 4 lines) One reason why I say mic it. My hammer spring is one spring. First run was 3 springs (one short two long). A good set of guages would help with where your reg is set. Unless you know what it is set at for SURE, if you are like me. You don’t know unless you do it yourself or you TRUST the person who did it for you..I would trust Ernest. I have never talked to him but you don’t get a reputation like his with out doing GREAT work. Others …not so much. I am sure there are some places to get it worked on, but who says the new guy isn’t working on your gun, but you might get lucky and get on the bench of the guy who knows the gun in and out. On mine the pellet probe was not lined up with the transfer port on the barrel, just something to check. Not easy to explain how to fix. Mine was not deep enough by .020. I know it doesn’t sound like much. Look at it with your barrel off and pellet probe in hand, push it in the barrel till the two holes are perfectly lined up, then pull it out .020 it is a lot. I hope this helps.