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Boss in = Thanks for the help!-if someone does happen to know o-ring for reg. Boss/500 (external o-rings) .New one had a flap cut in the inner one,and the one I removed had ,same thing .Anyway Results with 34gr. Min. h/s = 712fps.Max.h/s890s  I set fps @855fps.Quote. Which is a nice speed for a st barrel-and OH MY! wind was howling threw the 100×100 building I cheat with(great for testing) bad for improving skill in wind. pulled as many doors down as i could 35 yrds the smallest target spot on a 4pk 3″looks like a green flower pedal sticking out of a hole the size of a .25 [email protected] 70yrds half building half wind  14mm total  -5 shot group and it was howling in ks today.This is what I dreamed of ,when there was no Impact in sight..Quiet, Light, Big shot count,Long distance,(for me)Hard hitting, Super accurate- .25cal.That will spin the heavy pellet, that has created quite the stir  -( 5 years of .177and.22)I get to aim straight at stuff now.   PS.I’m pretty sure it was an old post between weaterby and jking that got me to thinking