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“Ginuwine1969”How many people have the ATN xSight II and love it?


I don’t know of any air gunners who own it and love it.  This release of the firmware really improved the “feel” of the unit.  Buttons have a much more positive feel.  There was an issue with slow response to button presses which contributed to a lot of user frustration.  They have largely fixed that.  Sadly this iteration they imposed a 25M minimum range input limitation on the ballistics calculator… :(  Clearly the dipsticks who are advising ATN are straight up powder burners with absolutely no clue about the needs of any other shooting community.  That limitation is going to hit the crossbow users, although probably most of them just use the crossbow reticle.  It impacted me directly while I was at the range today.  I have access to a 22 meter indoor range.  So I had to rezero to 22 meters rather than simply let the ballistics calculator take care of it.  Hunters who have the money to spend and are the “sit and wait” kind of hunter will like it, especially at night.  The work around for the 25 meter limitation (until ATN fixes that) will be to zero something like 12 or 15 meters/yards and then use one of the reticles to do hold over and under for different ranges.   It is going to be ratters and vermin hunters who are hardest impacted by that little mistake.  The squirrels where I live have learned exactly the safe distance from my shooting bench. :) I saw one with his itty bity ruler out the other day measuring and he stopped at exactly 62 yards.  :(