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I lost a good bit of my overall hearing, not deaf or anything, but sometimes i can’t hear my wife.

This occurred in the 60’s flying helicopter gunships in Nam, shooting miniguns, rockets etc. with nothing but a basic helmet. (Continued flying aircraft for a living for the next 45 years with the Army and the State Police and part time charter work)

But doing a lot of shooting in the Army  and State Police I  started using the foam ear plugs and they pretty much preserved what i had left, and when ever going to the range for training, qualifying, we all used the foam ear plugs.

Now i use them when i use the string trimmer or hand sanders.

My indoor shooting is in my basemen and i have no need for ear plugs with air guns, especially since i am the only one shooting.

At the range:  Eyes and Ears on, Ready on the Left, Ready on the Right, the firing line is ready, lock and load etc. commence firing on my command.

Always protect your eyes and ears.