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“CampFussell”Wow, Perc. The sized and sorted made a heck of a difference! Every single one of those 25 shots are under 1.5 inches! Probably sub 1 inch group if they were all grouped?

I try not to think of it that way, but then again that’s the point of shooting 25 bulls and not 25 shots at a bull.

When I shot a group, aka I shoot X shots at the same spot, I’m looking to find the consistency of my gun, my pellets, my environment. My POA doesn’t change between shots.

When I shot a group of bulls, aka I shot one shot at each bull, I’m looking to find my ability using the consistency available to me. My POA is going to be different on each bull to try to place the shot as close to center as possible based on available information. 

So for example I have shot 3-10 shot groups at 100m on sighters that were so close that at 50x you question if the pellet went through the same hole or was a wild flyer and landed out of your view. 

At this point I’ve pretty much given up the idea of shooting multi-shot groups for anything other than testing a pellet. I know that these high(er) quality rifles like the RAW and Thomas under ideal conditions with ideal pellets will print ragged little holes at just about any distance you’d want to shot them at. As long as you maintain your rifle its call comes down to wind, pellets and the shooter. We can’t stop the wind, we can only learn what it does to our pellets. We can’t find every little defect in a pellet that will impact the POI of a pellet. We can control ourselves.