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Jungle, I have adjusted the weight of the second stage almost to the end (I had to locktite the adjustment screw in so it wouldn’t fall out) and this has dramatically improved the accuracy of my groups. As for the grunching this has just about become inaudible. We are not permitted moderators in Australia but I bought the 22 cal version because it makes a very low thunk noise and is not as harsh as the 177 version? It’s very quite really.

Smaug, I was surprised at the amount of shots it took to settle in again but both my Trails seem to require the same amount of lead before accuracy returns. Maybe I’m a really good barrel cleaner lol. I have noticed that depending on the temperature all my rifles at times will shoot a little higher until the internals warm up, or I warm up, I’m not sure. But the Walther is the same but not to the same extent. The first group is always a little further extended but in saying that a couple of cleansing ales in the afternoon prior to a plinking session seems to fix that.