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My pellets came in today thank you to Pyramyd Air. As promised here is my .25 MK II work.

Set one is .22 cal  i shot 20 sets (that is over 300 rounds) This is the best i got for now. I did bump up my regulator around  true set 6 could not get in the 150 Avg until i did..(i say that. but i could but SD went to 8.5)  They are all 16 shots except .22. it is 18 shots.
power= wheel power setting
Ham= mic.reading on hammer spring adjuster 
reg bump= bump regulator after true set 6
set= nothing. (it it a dumb app when you erase one the next one in line takes it’s number) 
time and date=time and date LOL
if you want the entire shot string PM me i can text it to you.
Just my 17.99 worth. If it shows some intrest i will put up my KING .25… 25.39 results