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“Sam63”Awesome 100 yard card Percula. 100 yards is a long way for a pellet. Do you like the Hawke ED Sidewinder? Does it have a 12x setting?

The Frontier 30 SF did not have a 12x marking on it. Photo is the 12x on the Frontier not legal for hunter class in FT.

Yep 100y on both cards. I regularly compete at this distance so…

Yes the 10-50×60 has a 12x mark.

I have a 8-32×56 Hawke too. The new 10-50×60 doesn’t focus as clearly on max magnification as the 8-32×56. I talked to a club member that had a worse issue with focus clarity and he ended up sending it in for service. As far as I know all worked out well. The clarity I’m seeing is “okay”, so I’m debating rather if I want to part with it for the time to service it or live with the “soft focus” I have now.

Otherwise I am LOVING it! I have another on back order with the 1/8 MOA turrets for my Thomas. The reticle is VERY nice, super fine, well laid out. The range I was shooting at goes into the dark, has lights and such, but at best anything 50y+ is “dimly lit”, so I played with the IR on the rheostat too, and oh my I like that. On my 8-32×56 its a stepped setting, and I could never really get a not too dim or not too bright with it, but with the rheostat I can dial it just right.

I have the side wheel on the 8-32×56, well because without it the tightness is more than I want to try and mess with. On the 10-50×60 I left the wheel in the box, very easy to adjust by hand, firm enough that I wouldn’t worry if I had a belted magnum recoil to move it. I looked at the new method for attaching the side wheel and really like it over the slip over method on the 8-32×56. All in all happy customer.