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“Coldking”I’ve never had success with lubes or waxes – always caused crazy poi shifts –
ive been told to try the Krytech chain lube/dry lube —
I put a wee bit in the bottom of a empty tin then swirled around a bunch of pellets –
dumping them into a dry paper towel – 
this was an effort to minimize lead fouling of a barrel —-
well id never seen such shotgunning –
the chain lube rendered the pellets unusable 
but in many rifles and using many lubes -I’ve never seen a positive outcome 
could be just me?

I tested some JSB 16gr lubed in my Thomas BR yesterday and like you CK I got a few OMG! wild flyers. I shot (2) cards at 50y, I didn’t score them, but most shots where within the 8 ring, however I had (7) of (50) shots on score go very wild, like POA off from POI by 3″+, like POA on bull #1 and hitting the bottom of the box on bull #7.

I shot a few (5) shot groups at 50y with the JSB 16gr and the H&N Piledriver both lubed. Accuracy was okay for 50y, but not truly good enough. The Piledrivers had the best groups. Going to try to get out again today and shot the same unlubed for a comparison. Looks like weather is going to be good, now if work will cooperate lol.