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Ah, i clicked the link and answered my question..

New Features:

  • Bluetooth X-Trac Tactical Remote Control – Activated
  • Bluetooth Laser Ballistics Smart Range Finders – Activated
  • Import/export profiles to/from SD card


  • Improved Display performance
  • Improved Night mode performance brightness in “High” mode
  • Added External power supply indicator
  • Improved Ballistic Calculator

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed – Device hangs after HDMI cable disconnected
  • Fixed – Incorrect displayed value in the distance widget
  • Fixed – Unable to stop video recording when battery is low
  • Fixed – Hangs the device when going in zero setup in BC mode
  • Fixed – Does not return the original value of the zoom
  • Fixed – Hangs the device during move reticle on max. zoom in the reticle setup mode.
  • Fixed – Reset the RAV mode if SD card was found with Firmware on it.
  • Various Other Bug Fixes