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“Bstalder85”Smaug, I’ve been wanting to jump to .22 primarily for the purposes of pigeon shooting. It takes a really well placed shot with my mod. 34 to bring one down. I figure the .22 might be a bit of an improvement. 
In addition, I’m the only pellet rifle shooter I know, BUT I think if I had a second rifle I might be able to convince someone else to shoot “against” me or plink with me.  In which case, a similar power gun would make a hypothetical competition more fair. 
I would like to get into pcps, but they are costly, require more equipment, and I’d like to get better with a springer to then transition to a pcp, baby steps. 

Yeah, it might do a better job when you hit the thick wing joint and a .177 pellet is more easily deflected away from the vitals. But then again, the flatter trajectory of .177 makes it easier to place the shot where you want it.

You also have to avoid dead center chest shots. Their breast bones are thick and strong for their size. For a head-on shot, aim 1/4″ to either side of center, or a little higher, to hit where the neck meets the torso.

Remember too that pigeon necks have a funny crook to them. In the lower neck area, you can hit them right where you wanted, but get nothing but feathers. I little further forward and it’s a spine or crop shot.

Anyway, .177 @ 12 FPE is plenty of medicine for pigeons out to 50 yards.