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remove 3 stock bolts, 2 up front, 1 at trigger.

remove barrel pivot bolt, and cocking linkage clip.  Thats it, I still woudnt rule out scope mounts being off first. Swap the mounts front to back AND rotate them (bolts on opposite sides of current location) first.

Lots of Crosman dislike/hate here……Dont get yourself down about that. Thats one of the reasons I dont frequent this forum as much as I used to.That and I have kinda moved on to other aspects of outdoors activities. I have owned 3 Crosmans now since I started last year and they are just fine for 25-40 yard pesting with trigger work and upgraded barrel pivot washers. Now, they will not stack pellets in same hole at 50 yards like the FWB or other match grade rifles. If you are ok with nickel/quarter size groups at 25-50 yards then you will not be disappointed. I thoroughly enjoy my Crosmans, and have another one on its way as we speak.

That being said, my $89 Walmart Ruger Blackhawk Elite was simply amazing and would stack pellets in same hole at 25 yards. If you dont like the Benji, take it back to Walmart as defective (i think they will let ya return it) and get the Ruger. My nitro venom 22 had teething problems, until I made some brass pivot washers, upgraded scope and mounts, and did the trigger mod. Now its my go to for pesting.

Oh yeah, and……my Nitro venom Dusk 22 was off so far when I got it I hit the wrong target paper on a 2 paper target hanger at 20 yards!