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My friend and I each have the Royale in 177 and 22. The 177 Royales are extremely accurate with JSB 10.3 grain pellets on medium or high power. I shot starlings with it out to 84 yards last week. 50 yard five shot groups range from .35″- .6″ in both our guns.  We both shoot on medium power because We get about 200 (that’s an estimate) shots per fill and because We don’t want to penetrate farm roofs when hunting pigeons.  I’m shooting the 10.3’s at 775 with very little sound.
its incredible accuracy, easy cocking, light weight, extreme quietness make it a joy to hunt with! 

3 weeks ago we shot 201 pigeons ( and many starlings)  in a 3 hour stretch at a huge dairy farm in Idaho. We were 3 hours from home and had forgotten to bring the air tank… but never ran out! :  )