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Hi, all
hope you enjoying your LGV and got the accuracy back.
I am no expert or pro tuner but shooting a lgv comp ultra 177. and love mine. :)
I have gone thru a lot with my lgv and noticed a few things so far.
My lgv’s original trigger sucked so bad. it was a light first stage then a hard second stage. Had to squeeze hard to shoot. So did the yankee trigger tune and what a difference! it definitely helped mine.
Also when groups open up, I clean the barrel and check the stock screws. They loosen up in time and open the groups.
i don’t know if you ready to take a look at the inside of your LGV but if you do, you might be surprised with the factory rust. As all say, all guns are different but mine looked ok outside (still some rust) when I received it but not the inside. That might caused the grouching noise when cocking. Just my two cents. But surely do not attempt to open anything without knowing what you are doing.
Lastly, I got a moderator on my lgv and it reduced the bark to “bonk!” and I am not taking it off. more fun for me.
Show us more groups and updates. 
Good luck and have fun.