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I searched high and low, but was unable to find more information about the noise attenuation for the HL’s or Walker’s. Manufacturers indicate a NRR of XX, but don’t say at what frequency, or across what range of frequencies this happens. 

The only brand I found that does publish this information is MSA. I did a lot of reading on forums such as Snipers et al about them and, despite the listed NRR being so low, the overwhelming response is positive. MSA’s attenuation graph indicates a significantly higher reduction (than the published NRR rating) within the gunfire frequency spectrum.

Although still concerned about the NRR rating, I ordered a pair from Amazon. If I can get a good cheek weld and safe noise reduction, I’ll keep them. If not, back to Amazon they go. After my initial ear assault at the indoor range, I will never not muff and plug again.