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I don’t know how you lubed but when I lube .177s for my R9 or HW95 I try to get only a film of lube on the rifling surfaces of the pellet. To do so I spritz a tiny bit of Slick50 OneLube from the aerosol can on the bottom of a dedicated pan, spread a thin film oil over the bottom and then dump in a box of CPLs. I gently stir the pellets around with my finger and then dump them back into the box for use later. With my springers the OneLube will diesel if it gets inside the pellet skirts so I take care never to spray lube on the pellets. Here is a box of CPLs being lubed………..
If my “loadin’ fingers” have more than a very slight sheen on them after a shooting session I know that the pellets were excessively lubed!

Still………..I’ve read posts where some guns don’t shoot lubed pellets as accurately as they shoot dry pellets so you’re certainly not alone!